"Hiring an FD early in our development, was the best advice the Chairman gave me."
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Strategic Planning Develop an inspirational vision  to guide your business development
Strategic planning is an essential business discipline upon which all other decisions must be based. We can facilitate your strategic planning process, providing a framework to enable your senior management team to create an inspirational and commercially robust Strategic Plan.
Business oriented personal development

Invest quality time in your business by engaging in a personally tailored mentoring program. Create the space and energy to envision the grand strides that will transform your business. more...

A Proven Consultative Approach
We work with your existing planning, reporting and operational accounting staff, so that our knowledge and business practices can be adopted by your organisation without the need for recruitment. more...

Relationship Management
Your business will rely upon important stakeholders such as investors, bank managers, commercial lenders, auditors and tax accountants. Presenting your business' performance and equally importantly its potential will be a key part of maintaining this support when you need it most. more...

Uncovering Damaging Accounting Errors
A case study. Shortly after beginning an engagement as Finance Director of a 9 million turnover manufacturer, monthly credit control reconciliations began to indicate a severe problem more...
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Strategic & Financial Planning Lecture for Masters in Design Management at UCA April 2012. more...

Creative design can transform business, we have a unique relationship with the University of Creative Arts, where you can brief Master of Arts Design Management Students. more...

Sync multiple computers, 100% automatically, with full encryption and global access. more...

We use secure remote access technology to provide 24/7 support.
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